The biggest charitable organisation in the UK which looks after the interests of people with heart conditions is the

   British Heart Foundation, which LightHearted are affiliated to. If you have never visited their website before, here is a

   link for you to do so. You really should check it out, they have a lot to offer. Joining them (for FREE!) will entitle you to

   receive their most excellent 'Heart Matters' magazine, which is full of advice and the latest updates on new research and


   If you click on their logo below, this will take you to their website. Happy browsing!   


   If you would like detailed advice on what you should and should not be eating to help your heart stay healthy,



   Here is a short summary, as a reminder:

     * Cut out saturated and trans fats

     * Choose foods that lower cholesterol

     * Steer clear of salt and processed foods

     * Rekindle home cooking

     * Focus on high-fibre foods

     * Control your portion size - and your weight

       Another informative website is the Heart Disease Health Centre.

       Here you will find plenty of heart disease news and features, such as articles on 'New implant for heart failure',

       'Partners of people who have heart attacks at greater depression risk', or ' What are the potential benefits of a

       polypill for heart disease?'

       It also has detailed information about all drugs and medication widely used to treat heart disease!

       CLICK ON THE PICTURE OF THE HEART if you want to update your

       knowledge base.       

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