Who or what are we?


Now in our seventh year of existence, we are an independent cardiac support group, a self-help group which is entirely

funded through a small membership fee and financial grants or donations. The aim of our club is to allow people with

heart conditions to meet on a regular basis, to help and support each other and to promote healthier lifestyles through

participating in sensible weekly exercise.

Most of our members, men and women between the ages of fifty-something and eighty-something, have had heart

attacks in the recent or more distant past. Most of us have either experienced treatment through angioplasty and

stents, or bypass surgery, or have other heart-related conditions like, for example, angina. All of us have made the

same decision: to follow medical advice by making some long term lifestyle changes. One of these is the personal

commitment to increase fitness through attending our weekly exercise sessions at Queen's Park Sports Centre.

They are led by a qualified fitness instructor and give us the opportunity to continue with the good work started in

the Phase 3 Cardiac Rehabilitation sessions at the hospital.


In addition to that, we meet for occasional countryside walks, meals and other social events which allow us to get

together, share our experiences, have fun and generally try to get back to living life to the full! We are friendly and

sociable people, willing to listen to your questions and worries and to support you, or your concerned family members

or carers, in trying to get back to 'normal' after your own heart problems.

We take our heart conditions seriously,

but our outlook is positively light-hearted!


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"I was becoming just a couch potato, scared to do anything, until I went to LightHearted. Now I feel better, I enjoy

the company of others who understand what I've been through. I'm not frightened of climbing the stairs anymore at

home. I'm getting back to normal."

"I had a heart attack, followed by angioplasty and three stents. I lost all my confidence,

wouldn't even go out on my own. When I joined LightHearted I met people who had bypass

operations and who made a full recovery. It spurred me on!"


"Everybody was so friendly! People really made me feel welcome.Finding a

level of exercise I was comfortable with and talking to others about my

angina helped me manage my condition much better."



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