We currently have one regular exercise session arranged every week. For the first half hour we usually do aerobics to

     music or circuit exercises. Either form of exercise allows members to go at their own pace. In the second half hour we

     sometimes have toning sessions with resistance bands, pilates, or play popular games such as badminton and table tennis. 

     Depending on demand from our members, we may well consider putting on a second session in the future, perhaps in

     the evening.

     There is a very small annual subscription fee of £5.00 to help with the club's administration costs and expenses.

     All our exercises take place in the new Queen's Park Sports Centre (Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield), are supervised

     and led by a qualified fitness instructor and paid for at a substantially reduced member rate (see below).

     By agreement with the centre management you may also use the fitness centre and the swimming pool during the

     scheduled LightHearted sessions.

     As a spin-off from the exercise session some of our members now also play badminton on Thursday evenings, by

     seperate arrangement.


   Every TUESDAY morning, from 10.30 until 11.30!

    (Pay £3.00 at reception, save your receipt and get a FREE cup of tea in the cafeteria downstairs afterwards,

     in the company of other club members; a popular opportunity for a chat.) 

     LightHearted NEWS (June 2014):

     Following a successful bid for help through a special fund provided by the Mansfield Building Society we have recently

     been presented with a cheque for £490.00 which we have used to purchase new polo shirts to wear for exercise (see

     picture below!). Our members would like to say thank you to the MBS for their generosity and encourage other voluntary

     organisations or self-help groups to put in an application for a grant themselves. The process is fairly simple. Here is the

     link to take you to the community page of the MBS:



      Would you like to read about exercise in general in more detail?

      Go to the extra page by using this link:      

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     More about exercise: 

       Here is a quote from a draft policy document issued by NORCOM / NHS Sheffield in 2011:

       "... for individuals having a stable cardiac condition the adverse event risk associated with sedentary behaviour far exceeds the risk

        associated with undertaking moderate physical activity... Even in perceived 'higher risk' situations where individuals having proven

        coronary artery disease performed occupations involving heavy physical exertion, 'no convincing evidence for increasing the cardiac

        risk of patients' was found."   

        What does this mean in plain English? It means that sensible exercise is better for your heart than no exercise, even with a cardiac

        condition! This is why we at LIGHTHEARTED in Chesterfield believe that we need to exercise more than once a week in order to

        increase our fitness levels. We strongly encourage our members to join the Queen's Park Sports Centre too! Membership at the Centre

        allows many of our members to take advantage of the whole range of activities on offer, from using the fitness suite, to swimming,

        or playing badminton, table tennis or racquet ball (to name just a few). Whatever your level of fitness, you will probably find an

        enjoyable activity to suit you.

        If you think you might be interested, why don't you take a look at the Queen's Park Sports Centre website?

        For an overview of their activities, facilities, admissions policy and price list just CLICK on the link (picture) below.


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